Get Into Folk with Camila Koller

Dog in the Hay Blends Influences to Create Something Fresh

Genre: country/folk

Why check it out: It’s the perfect balance of punch and melody. Even for those who don’t listen to country or folk, the sweetness of Camila’s voice and the heartfelt lilt of the instrumental lines make this track stand out.

Camila Koller is super versatile. With a background which spans from acting and entrepreneurship (she set up a short film festival focusing on women in filmmaking), she came to the UK from Switzerland. Having already been covered by the Italian-language press back home, Camila’s new single Dog in the Hay draws on her love of Irish folk music.

Starting with crunchy guitar and a low melody which sounds like it’s starting a story, Dog in the Hay rises to loftier heights in the pre-chorus and chorus, showing off some impressive vocal range. This is topped by the instrumentals, which are as clear and pure as Camila’s vocals and venture into a Celtic feel, lending the song a beautiful sense of momentum and direction. Distinctively, the song goes from heavier in the verses to lighter in the chorus, but this supports the higher melodies brilliantly and is a refreshing change in arrangement.

Camila Koller has developed a very distinctive sound. Dog in the Hay feels linked, melodically and stylistically, to her previous work such as A Thousand Doors, but is folky enough to celebrate the best of the genre. Its eclecticism is a strong point, and I’m looking forward to investigating more of her old material as well as seeing what she does next.